Forecasting COVID-19 Cases

This blog talks about the how to implement Timeseries Forecasting using Prophet for predicting the number of cases by country. Since I live in US currently, I have taken US to show the plots and data. But this can be used for global data or any country.

Graph Databases for Enterprises

When we see entities in real world, we notice that there is a complex relationship occurs between the entities. Every entity type is unique and has multiple possible relationships. Graph databases solve this problem by providing ways to model the relationships in the database and that makes the insights very simple and easy

Redesigning Enterprise Analytics Teams

Organizations need leaner and agile structure to focus on the business outcome. Following are the key roles that should be part of the analytics organization which is focused solely on delivering business value

How to structure the Data Lake

The key reasons for the need of good data lake structure are: 1) Security: need of role-based security on the lake for read access. 2) Extendibility: it should be easy to extend the lake after first round and more systems can be added 3) Usability: it should be easy to use and find the data in the lake and the users should not get lost 4) Governance: it should be simple to apply governance practices to the lake in terms of quality, metadata management and ILM

Lambda Architecture using Databricks

From technology point of view Databricks is becoming the new normal in data processing technologies, in both Azure and AWS. This post provides a view of lambda architecture and uses Databricks at front and center. Databricks has capabilities to replace multiple tools and those are described in bit detail below

Monitor and Manage Costs on Azure

Cost Management solution in Azure helps in monitoring, optimizing and controlling costs of Azure Resources in the subscription and Resource Groups. Cost Management shows organizational cost and usage patterns with advanced analytics.

5 Things to get best out of Azure Databricks

Databricks has become the new normal in the data processing in cloud. If you are using or plan to use Azure Databricks, this post is will guide you on some interesting things that you can plan to investigate as you start.