How is Data Governance (DG) different in Digital World

The need of Data Governance has been established at it has become one of the key initiative’s organizations are focusing on when it comes to managing the data. This blog talks about the differences in the Data Governance in Digital era when it compares to traditional Data Governance practices.

Framework for Data Governance

Changing business models, technology democratization, security and increasing digital assets have made data governance need of the hour. This blog establishes a framework and the components that organizations can use to start or improve the DG efforts. 

Need of Data Governance in Digital World

Data governance is a discipline of data management which deals with understanding the data assets, securing the data and managing the data. The field has been around as long as people have been using data, however the need of the data governance has become far more important in this digital era.

Redesigning Enterprise Analytics Teams

Organizations need leaner and agile structure to focus on the business outcome. Following are the key roles that should be part of the analytics organization which is focused solely on delivering business value